Tricks and Treats for Using AI for Better Marketing

This Halloween, the tricks and treats are plentiful! In the world of marketing, AI has become a hauntingly powerful tool. But if your marketing team is starting to resemble a horde of zombies, it’s probably because they’ve been pondering the AI mysteries that go bump in the night.

But don’t be scared! We’re not gatekeeping—we’re sharing the tricks and treats of using AI to your advantage. From campaign optimization to operational excellence, we’ll show you how to banish the marketing ghosts and embrace this AI thriller.

1. Automated Content Production: A Productivity Treat

Producing high-quality content consistently is a challenge for marketers, especially at the pace customers and channels demand. AI can assist through content generation tools like GPT-3-powered platforms such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Copy.ai. This automation saves time and allows marketers to focus on higher-level creative tasks while maintaining a consistent content schedule without sacrificing quality. 

2. Predictive Publishing: A Performance Enhancing Treat

If the infamous question, “What is the best time to post on [insert any channel]?” gives you the spooks, this treat is for you. Predictive publishing powered by AI is like a witch’s brew for marketers, conjuring up the perfect posting times so you no longer have to. Some of the our favorite everyday tools like, Sprout Social and Mailchimp are integrating AI to analyze vast datasets and user behaviors in real time to provide precise recommendations, ensuring content is shared when the target audience is maximized for engagement – and spares marketers the eerie guesswork of timing their posts. 

3. Data Analysis and Reporting: The Data Magic Trick

Marketers have long been harnessing the power of AI for measuring impact through tools like Google Analytics. With Google Analytics 4 leading the “spook-tacular” charge by seamlessly integrating AI and machine learning for more efficient data analysis. Now, you can simply use a search bar to ask specific questions, making it user-friendly – no witchcraft required! 

GA4 also offers Insights & Recommendations, highlighting crucial changes and opportunities, and employs machine learning for predictive metrics, all of which contribute to more optimized campaigns. Additionally, we love combining Google Analytics with tools like Looker Studio and Supermetrics to streamline data analysis and reporting for our clients, saving time and ensuring data-driven decisions are made efficiently.

skeleton typing on mac computer about ai or artificial intelligence

AI is not just a seasonal treat but an evergreen tool for marketers looking to boost their efficiency and productivity. Byusing these AI-powered tools and recommendations, you can create high-quality content, automate tasks, and make data-driven decisions – ask us how we have helped our clients generate more impact with AI tools

So this Halloween season, consider integrating AI into your marketing strategies and enjoy the long-lasting treats of increased efficiency and better results. With AI, there are no tricks – only treats for your marketing efforts.

…Oh yeah, we wrote this article with a few personal touches in about 30 minutes with ChatGPT