Social Subscription for Smarter Marketing

Every business is unique. We believe in empowering business leaders with different marketing solutions that support their company based on its existing need, complexity, and phase of growth. While any company can benefit from the invaluable expertise we offer through our social & digital media marketing consulting services, we’ve also created systems and processes that are proven effective in turning social strategy into business results – like our subscription solution!

Our social subscription is the perfect complement to any marketing team. Instantly unlock access to an experience marketing partner to navigate the social and digital media landscape, brainstorm ideas, and ensure you are moving forward your desired outcomes.

And just like our consulting services, 5% of the profits earned from these services will be donated to organizations supporting a more equitable future.

The top three things we hear from clients…

  1. Can you help us translate our brand to social media content and ensure brand consistency?
  2. How do we better grow and engage our audiences online?
  3. Is our social media actually working to support our business?

Elevate your brand’s online presence effortlessly with our Social Subscription.

If you have the production infrastructure, but are plagued with these challenges or simply believe you can do better, this solution is for you. Stay ahead of trends, engage your audience, and maintain a consistent online brand without the commitment of a full-time agency retainer. Through this subscription we take on the responsibility of keeping a focused look on performance and provide ongoing actionable recommendations to connect your social strategy to business success.

Get a strategic social media partner today.

What Does the Social Subscription Include?

  • One 60-Minute Onboarding Meeting
  • One 60-Minute Quarterly Strategy Meeting
  • Monthly Industry Trends Report
  • Customer Performance Dashboard
  • Monthly Automated Performance Report
  • Unlimited General Inquiries via Slack
  • Supports All Social & Digital Media Efforts (Includes: Website, Email Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit, X, Snap, and More)
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Monthly Investment: $925


“We love working with Ona Media Company. We feel that our brand took an entirely new sense of urgency and embarked on a higher level of the path to success when we met them!”

Kim Caviness & Lisa Hunt Stevens, Co-Founders of Familia Kitchen