Ona Means She

Following a decade of partnering with some of the world’s most innovative agencies and brands, Brittany found new inspiration when she least expected it – sipping wine in Prague naturally. While enjoying the “fruits of her labor”, she was drawn closer to the city through its renowned hospitality and ancient sights. She couldn’t help but think about how this city has withstood some of the world’s harshest elements yet is still so beautiful and magnetic, pulling in people worldwide. If she could build something that gave people even a fraction of what she felt at that moment, she had to. Taking an industry she already loved but knew could be better; she started Ona, an agency designed to be better for people – employees, clients, and communities.

Ona brings together the most talented, values-driven marketing executives, strategists, creatives, and analysts, and our clients to make great things happen. As a dedication to our communities, we will always donate a portion of our annual earnings to organizations supporting a more equitable future.