We are Ona.

Chicago’s New Agency on the Block: Combining Big Brand Energy with Startup Efficiency

We’re a woman-owned, full-service marketing agency in Chicago, dedicated to delivering top-tier strategic thinking and expert execution. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, we’re your trusted strategic marketing partner, here to orchestrate all the moving parts to turn your aspirations into real business impact.

Our Commitment Goes Beyond Marketing

At our core, we’re not just marketers; we’re agents of change. Our mission is to make agencies better for people: our employees, clients, and communities. We do this by fostering an inclusive environment, offering transparent pricing, and reinvesting our annual profits in organizations dedicated to creating a more equitable future.

Our Approach

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Start with the end in mind. We create your marketing strategy that engages your internal and external audiences to communicate value and drive growth.



Your marketing stack should never be more complex—or costly—than it needs to be. We identify and implement technology, processes, and resources to make your marketing efforts as efficient and scalable as possible. 



Confidence in your strategy and systems means you’re ready to launch and scale. We bring a test-and-learn approach to executing your marketing to accelerate customers through their decision making journey. 

Our Capabilities

Strategy & Consulting

– Fractional CMO
– Integrated Marketing Strategy
– Social & Digital Media Strategy
– Campaign Strategies
– Marketing Operation Management
– Retained Consulting & Advisory

Execution & Production

– Social Media Advertising
– Digital Advertising
– Email Marketing & Automation
– Social Media Marketing 
– Performance Reporting
– Audience Analysis

We Love

– Go-to-Market
– Lead Generation
– Rebrand Launch
– Podcast Amplification
– Reputation Management
– Product / Service Launch

Why Ona Media?

“Ona Media‘s professionalism, expertise, and dedication have been instrumental in our rapid growth, positioning our agency as a force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive digital marketing industry. Brittany and her team’s exceptional communication and leadership skills allowed them to seamlessly collaborate with all members of our team which resulted in the successful execution of numerous high-profile campaigns, generating significant increases in revenue, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Their work has undoubtedly contributed to our agency’s rapid growth and strengthened our position in the market.” – Founder, Business Solutions Startup 

“Brittany and her team were instrumental in helping create a sustainable, authentic, and consistent, engagement plan for our company’s myriad of stakeholder groups the company interacted with regularly. Their business acumen and marketing strategy served us well as we launched a new function, aimed at amplifying our company’s reputation with policy makers, thought leaders, and community officials. [Ona Media] could not have been a better partner for us to help bring this new initiative to life.” – SVP, Fortune 100 Brand

“Working with Ona provided an opportunity to explore the aspects of marketing that I know nothing about. They take it a step further by explaining each metric and outcome – which is a big deal for small businesses who have their thumb on every facet of their brand. I was initially drawn to Ona based on the incredible accolades earned by Brittany. Her portfolio proves her ability to work with both large and small-scale companies in a way that drives success in unique ways. Working with a female-founded firm has helped me to achieve an even stronger connection with my audience (the infertility community) by creating a safe space with a welcoming aura, empowering moms-to-be on their journey.” – Founder, Fertility Agency Startup